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Apr 20, 1961 (Age: 59)
Napa, CA
School District Administrator

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Napa Mike

Administrator, Male, 59, from Napa, CA

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Jul 10, 2020 at 11:36 AM
    1. cgalovic
      Do you have any info on what's going on with the live radio fish reports????
    2. Dave Cruze
      Dave Cruze
      Hey Mike,
      Hunt told me you are going on the Bob Sparre trip. We will be heading down on the 29th and staying across the street at the Ramada. I've not caught a bluefin. Hopefully I can check it off my bucket list. It should be a great time. Looking forward to meeting you. Dave
    3. twopatch
      Hi Mike, I am trying out your gravalox recipe. I am about 20 hours into it. Should I drain the juices that came out? It's a pretty thick filet. Thanks,Jay
    4. moeadams
      Hi Mike .. do you know what happen to the bodega channel on the VHF radio ?
      Any information would be great .. thank you Moe
    5. Jim Wolcott
      Jim Wolcott
      Hi Mike, I paid my dues several days ago but still can’t get on most forums. I only found out that I was delinquent in keeping up on the dues because I couldn’t access the forums. I didn’t receive a notice.
    6. LouieLouie
      Hi mike just got a notice that my membership is up in three days if I don’t renew. I’m pretty sure I payed this bill about two to three weeks ago. Can you check and let me know if my visa went threw. I would check with my bank but I’m in the hospital getting my knee fixed and not going home fora day or two. My bank account doesn’t recognize my iPhone . Thanks
    7. twopatch
      Hi Mike,Jay here. I hope all is good. I been out of the loop for a while. Brent came down with a rare cancer,and passed away about two years ago. I didn't fish much last year. This year I got a kayak. That's my 3 rd kayak salmon. And 20 th halibut this year so far. I have been learning new spots,because everything in Bodega is way to far in a 12' boat! These little boats are pretty fun to pull on big fish from.
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    8. Grady Advance
      Grady Advance
      Hi Mike, let me know if you still need some gear. I have plenty and wont be going on my 7 day until mid august. Best to ask landing what you’ll need just before your trip. Art Narverud. PS I koved from Napa to Fairfield.
    9. 9Fish
      Hello Mike , I was cruising through some old postings and I saw your post of how to cure pork bellies and make bacon. Im new at this this and my first attempt came out okay. I saw your favorite recipe of maple bacon and pepper and I think I will try that tomorrow. My question to you is have you ever tried to inject your cure into the pork belly?

      thanks in advance
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    Apr 20, 1961 (Age: 59)
    Napa, CA
    School District Administrator
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    Fishing, diving, cooking, and constantly searching for serenity.
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    Mike Mansuy
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    1991 Striper
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