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  1. eliner
    eliner Almostnormal
    He is figuring it out the hard way, No receipts on boat-- $2000. Had log but now he is asking warden and making sure on everything. Doing well though.
  2. chesson
    chesson AQUA HERO
    Hi Bruce, this is Christopher, I’m hoping to come down to see the release this Saturday and wanted to know what time to get there? My son Cash is really excited. My kids also asked if they could wear their life jackets and be on the pen during the release?
  3. ChileVerde
    ChileVerde Mysealium
    Nice SD trip! Congratulations. Im looking to get down there for memorial weekend. I've never fished down there. Any advice or anything i should be aware of?
  4. philipn
    philipn C R FISH
    Hey Ray! Finally found you on coastside. This is Philip. We spoke at the washdown when we first heard of the blue fin tuna bite at Moss. Let's keep in touch!
  5. EdO
    EdO Mysealium
    Hey robert , wondering how they took care of your blue fin catch?
  6. BigfishMike
    BigfishMike tincan
    Mike Parr here-
    Thanks for sharing the invite with your brother Mike- He is booked with a buddy and ready to go with us.
    He is all pumped up! Cheers-
  7. shasta
  8. Bluegoat
    Bluegoat qeequeg
    I was wrong You arn't too cheap to buy another membership. lol
    1. qeequeg
      Las Vegas Mirage Book Markers have the over/under on days I last before being booted at 67-1/2 days....under favored at -220...over at + 240
      May 5, 2019
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  9. o.barrios
    o.barrios Scott Beardsley
    Are the Shimano rods still for sale?
  10. Aplysia
    Aplysia irishcreamer
    If your Cousin's rods are still available, I may want one or both of them. Can they be seen in Sausalito?
  11. Nathan
    Looking for limits
  12. GrecianFormula
    GrecianFormula FishKiller
    I gave that whaler to my great niece, she loves to fish the delta
    1. FishKiller
      Oh nice. That’s awesome
      Apr 16, 2019
  13. ralphc
    ralphc sgtdday
    I would D like to buy your 16,000 2” drop receiver with the 2 5/16” ball. Please call me if its still available Cell 831-428-5462. I live in Santa Cruz but will be in San Jose on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  14. Fishboy676
    Christian Angler
  15. fishbushing
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and excited to be here. Thanks for the add .Like to fish salt only.
  16. Six SSSSSS Fishing
    Six SSSSSS Fishing CalifBill
    Just in case you didn't get your answer -----NO SHAD YET
  17. HopeN2Mooch
  18. dan112
    dan112 Jwr
    Hi! My name is David Williams and I'm trying to reach the owner of this forum. Do you own this forum?


  19. 266cat
    266cat SaltyDog
    Electric brakes- this is a random... saw your running all electric brakes. I am installing them this week I know they won’t last more then 3-4 years but I’m fine with that I can get a set of 4 with drums for under 350. Any tips you have for longer life except for the obvious rinse with fresh water after a dunk?
    Already going the waterproof connectors and heat shrink-thanks!
    - Dan on the Worldcat
  20. Paul Thompson