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  1. Bruce Corbett
    Bruce Corbett reeltru
    Ok...where are you located ?
  2. Aj_Ziraks
    Aj_Ziraks White Bear
    Hello White Bear. This is Aj the fiberglass guy. I’ve lost touch with SOC and now I’m trying to update my post in “classifieds”. I hope you’ve been well. Having trouble to locate where I can post. Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers. Aj
  3. Hat Trick
    Hat Trick NorthCalSportfishing
    hi Khahn when is your next presalmon season tacklebox sale?
  4. Rosco
    Rosco Dave F.
    Hi Dave, I noticed that you live here in San Mateo like myself. My name is also Dave, 56 years old born and raised in Foster City. I have a beautiful new Boston Whaler Montauk that I keep at the Brisbane Marina on a lift. The fact that we are neighbors and both have nice boats I figured what the heck? Anyway I'm at 650 704 0307 or [email protected]

    Thanks much
  5. Steph
    Steph White Bear
    Hi White Bear remember me!? I sort of remember you! Happy Fishing! One day I'll be back out on the ocean :)
  6. luxyduxy
    luxyduxy aimbig18

    I am setting up a herring text alert group for this winter spawn.. Last year We have 5 member.. each one of use keep tab on close by shore line.
    I usually patrol CP, Agua vista park, Mccovey cove.. Not sure where you are in SF.. I am near by SF state..I can get to Mc Covey cove in 10 mins with no traffic..l
    Let me know if you like to be in our alert text group.. My cell is 925 382 5612.
  7. Good-to-Go
    Good-to-Go MikeGiraudo
    Mike, Tony from Good-to-Go. can you call or send info on the boat you have in the San Juan Islands. 916-719-2717
  8. Eric123
    Eric123 hoss
    Hey Hoss, give me a call if you’d like to chat about the Rogue Jet Coastal.
  9. bluebill
    bluebill bigtuna
    I have a 24 ft open skipjack open you are welcome to check out. I am in Napa. Great boat. I bought it in 1988 and have had it tuna, salmon, sturgeon fishing and was a great water ski boat back when we did that.
    call me if you have questions 707-337-8097
  10. jansley
    the more I hunt, the more I like fishing.
  11. Hat Trick
    Hat Trick DaveL
    hey dave no joke about pitching in for the cause
    if this happens i can send a check for some gas

    and that is a great pic of your boat in your avatar
  12. musicmanjer
    musicmanjer DDouma
    Hey Doug, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    So I was kicking around the idea of taking some friends up north of Salmon Creek this Sunday or Monday and dropping some pots in my honey hole for Dungeness.Can I call you tomorrow for some rockfish advice up that way?

    Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated! BTW, I've read the Rockfish tutorial a few times. Thanks in advance for your help!
    1. DDouma
      Hey Jerry, happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
      Just a FYI, My first name is Dave, but no worries.
      As far as rockfishing north after you drop your pots, I've done well around Fort Ross area. No huge details, but if you can catch some sand dabs while you drop your pots, those are Ling candy. Just use a sabiki rig, and fish the sand. Good luck. I make go Sunday as well.
      Nov 23, 2018
  13. Parker18
    Parker18 Jwr
    Is the swagger up yet ? If not where will i be ale to find it when it is ?
  14. EZturner
    EZturner ryk
    Hi there I am in San Jose, For Crab Pot
    2300 Stevens Creek Blvd San Jose, CA 95128
    Thanks Shawn
    1. ryk
      EZ , i’ll Give you a call today. Rex
      Nov 14, 2018
  15. dtakamine
    dtakamine Ranger James
    Yo, this is Derek. I'm going out this morning out of Oyster Point. You still need someone to pick up your pots? Call me at 650-279-2491 I can pick them up on the way back in.

  16. cotner
    cotner Pistolero
    Hi Jose,
    Thanks for your post about using paper plates to vacuum seal crabs. It has really been a great solution.
    Over the weekend, I had crabs stolen 4 out of 15 times. I also had a pot stolen.
    I know you mentioned that you were using devices that hold the crab rope under water, and then release the rope later so it can rise to the surface. Are you still doing that? How is it working?
  17. Bobby G
    Bobby G Pistolero
    Jose, I lost your cell #. Gittin ready fer some crabbbbb!
  18. 9Fish
    9Fish Napa Mike
    Hello Mike , I was cruising through some old postings and I saw your post of how to cure pork bellies and make bacon. Im new at this this and my first attempt came out okay. I saw your favorite recipe of maple bacon and pepper and I think I will try that tomorrow. My question to you is have you ever tried to inject your cure into the pork belly?

    thanks in advance
  19. markortega
    Eager Hitchhiker
  20. Yago
    Yago ivan
    I will take the rod , 650-400-3600 in SM