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  1. GotFish
    GotFish sgtdday
    Thank You for the help and advice....Shawn
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  2. Tom Stienstra
    Tom Stienstra CharlieC
    Charlie, congratulations!!! Awesome!
    I would like to use a photo you posted, the one of the angler lying along side that giant bluefin! Could I please get permission, who that is in the photo, and name for photo credit? There's a good chance I can get this in The Chronicle this week! Best, Tom Stienstra, 530-261-1954, cell or text
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  3. tyeebones
    tyeebones Wayne Goldman
    Hi Wayne if you have any intention of relisting let me know. Thanks I have an orca now
  4. C Capp
  5. oceanrat
  6. oceanrat
  7. Bob Boyle
    Bob Boyle don giberson
    Hi Don please give me a call when you have a minute thanks Whaler Bob 415 450 8160
  8. Benjamin.luo
    san francisco fisherman with 2101WA seaswirl
  9. matt
  10. Lance O’ Pry
    Lance O’ Pry Napa Mike
    How long after renewal is forum available?
  11. shefisher
    shefisher wizard
    This is a secret. Lots of very big halibut at the waterfall. Last two days have been crazy.
    1. wizard
      Thanks for the intel! You've had action; if not salmon.
      I just got back from a Monterey tuna try. No hits and no sightings and no radio fish either.
      Jul 27, 2020
  12. wood guy
    wood guy Kaptain Karl
    Hey Karl,
    I was the small Whaler at the north end of 10 mile yesterday (Sunday) that you cheered on as my wife netted a fish passing just outside of you , saw you again down with the fleet, we ended with three salmon and one 36" halibut all on the bottom called it at noon as I had a family commitment. Beautiful boat you have! how did you end up yesterday.
    1. Kaptain Karl
      Kaptain Karl
      I’m jealous of that halibut!!! We caught 7 but a poor grade, only 2 over #17. And thank you!! That looked like a nice salmon you were landing as well!
      Jul 27, 2020
    2. wood guy
      wood guy
      We had one barley legal the other two were 15&17lb tossed back another 22" and lost one that felt pretty good.
      A friend came out at 9:00 stopped between the two esteros 6 fish two hrs. two just over 20lb two dink's and two 8-10lb back at the dock at 11:00
      Jul 27, 2020
    3. Kaptain Karl
      Kaptain Karl
      Ahh I hate running over fish! We stopped there on Saturday and it looked good, the water was just too dirty. Yesterday it looked good again but I didnt stop. Just learning the hard way!
      Jul 27, 2020
  13. Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim JDOWNLOW
    Jeff, this is Andrew Kim.
    How have you been?
    Kind of funny thatI see you again on the fishing club.
    Hope you are well.
  14. Living the dream
    Living the dream BigfishMike
    Hi Mike, I’d like a dozen of your finest spoons. I mostly fish Bodega and sometimes outside the gate. 916-995-5268
  15. PeaceOfMind
    Gone Fishin'
  16. monkeyerica
    monkeyerica Finatic
    I have a little Chief which I don't use anymore! If you like you can have it for free to try it out. I am in San Francisco.
  17. Croix Baio
    Croix Baio admin
    Why may I not view the fishing reports?
    1. Frankd2
      I don’t know
      I can’t view them ether ?
      Jul 19, 2020
  18. cotner
    cotner Pistolero
    Hey Jose,
    we were thinking of going to Moss for salmon tomorrow. Everything on coastside says the bite has died. Do you know if anybody’s had any luck over at three trees? It seems like maybe if everything has moved north they might’ve stopped at three trees.
    Thanks, Curt
  19. Mark Brundidge
    Mark Brundidge watersport203
    Going Friday Northside.
    1. watersport203
      Hi Mark, How was it?
      Jul 24, 2020
  20. nick greco