1. Coastside FC swap meet March 1, 8am - 4 pm Pillar Point parking lot, $25 if you are not a subscribed member. Swap, buy or sell; grill crew will be there!
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  1. fire51
    Living the good life.
  2. Elaine Wood
    Elaine Wood
    I am looking for anyone who went crabbing with Merlin Morrison Mo aka Willie the Whaler
  3. Elaine Wood
    Elaine Wood
    My Dad is Merlin Morrison - Have you seen him?
  4. Elaine Wood
    Elaine Wood
    Hi I am Merlin Morrison's daughter
  5. Huli Cat
    Huli Cat fadi
    I see I am not listed as an Administrator, I don't know how to add myself to that list. Could you add me so I show up as Staff on line?

    Also move the Coastside Swap Meet to the top, change the date to March 1, 2020?
  6. carlmoyer
    carlmoyer Stella marina 2320
    Do you think the high rain water will shut down or slow down perch fishing from shore?
    1. Stella marina 2320
      Stella marina 2320
      I went out Wednesday night and we slayed perch for an hour...I don't think the rain would matter that much. the storm was pretty short....I'm planning on going Saturday after work.
      motor oil grubs and berkley sandworms
      Jan 17, 2020
  7. LouieLouie
    LouieLouie Napa Mike
    Hi mike just got a notice that my membership is up in three days if I don’t renew. I’m pretty sure I payed this bill about two to three weeks ago. Can you check and let me know if my visa went threw. I would check with my bank but I’m in the hospital getting my knee fixed and not going home fora day or two. My bank account doesn’t recognize my iPhone . Thanks
  8. seaslug
    seaslug Minki
    How well did you know Steve Williams?
  9. Mark Farrar
    Mark Farrar
    SE Alaska full service fishing lodge
  10. mirrorider
    mirrorider Andyg
    Hi Andy.
    Am hoping to ask a favor regarding a boat you previously owned. A 27 Ft Farallon named St. Jude.
    She is currently for sale again and I am debating whether or not I should pull trigger on a marine surevey for her or if she is just way too much boat for me / trouble to tow.
    i'd appreciate any advice you can give. Let me know if you would be willing to talk 10-15 minutes sometime.
  11. Anna Marie2
    Anna Marie2 1fishaholic
    If you want my location and number, let me know
  12. 28 Fish Later
    28 Fish Later BuzzCatcher
    Did you get that Navionics platinum + and did it also show lakes like pyramid?
  13. Benson2014
    Benson2014 thanh408
    Thanh are you still interested in my 15.5 livingston warrior i met you t oyster pt wash this past spring while halibut fishing and you had an interest in it. 650 455 1721
  14. Bartman
    Thks don yea it’s crazy figured I would look now before I needed it
  15. soleman
    soleman Bartman
    Todd is good in Benicia, but you will wait as he is super busy at work. Think of it as trying to put in a TA at the swimming pool..........HA HA HA!
  16. Chriscrafter510
    Chriscrafter510 James Y
    Pot puller 510 689 8102
  17. hapaIK
    Kayaker Dreaming of a real boat
  18. KimochouSF
    Working to fish...
  19. JohnWayne
    JohnWayne Mr.Fresh
    Don't forget to introduce yourself in the new members introduction thread. Good to see you finally climbed aboard!
  20. 266cat
    266cat Sparacino
    Did you ever run for Albies? I gave salmon last shot on closing day. No love for me. Did well this season so no complaints.
    1. Sparacino
      I didn't, ended up getting busy. Great Salmon year though. Stay in touch for sure.
      Nov 8, 2019