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Looking for downriggers

Discussion in 'Fishing Gear' started by Hoochie_mama, Jan 18, 2018.

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  1. Hoochie_mama

    Hoochie_mama Coastside Member

    Looking to pick up a set of electric downriggers for the boat so I can go after some salmon this year. Would prefer Scottys but also interested in canon. Please let me know if any of you guys have a set laying around or know anybody that might. I may also be interested in manual downriggers so let know what you guys got. thanks.
  2. Reel Kahuna

    Reel Kahuna Coastside Member

    I have a couple Scotty 1101. PM sent.
  3. AlexB

    AlexB Coastside Member

    Don’t let the lack of downriggers stop you from going after salmon. Most of the fish caught near the Bay Area are in the top 50 feet of the water column, and you can easily get your bait down to them using a diver (Deep Six, Double Deep Six, or Pink Lady). Lead balls on sinker releases work great, too, but I prefer to avoid the cost and env. impact of dropping lead on the ocean floor.

    (Downriggers are great, too.... Good luck in your search!)

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  4. BigK

    BigK Lurker

    May wanna msg this guy on fb. Damn good deal

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    REEL TIME Coastside Member

    I have a set of cannon downriggers plus bases & covers-spooled with stainless steel wire= $300 for both! call phil 415 740 6574

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    REEL TIME Coastside Member


    REEL TIME Coastside Member

    Leonardo- I am interested in the scottys if you would give me a call. phil- 415 740 6574
  8. kokoloco

    kokoloco Coastside Member

    I have a pair of new 1091 Scotty's with swivel bases and they extend to 60 inches.......500 obo. Text me for pics. 530-219-7938. I'm in Woodland.
  9. Hoochie_mama

    Hoochie_mama Coastside Member

    Ended up grabbing a pair of scottys off of reel kahuna. Thanks for all the offers.

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