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Hot dip galvanize source?

Discussion in 'Trailers and Tow Rigs' started by f8f1, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. f8f1

    f8f1 Coastside Member

    Hot dip galvanize source?
    I single hand my whaler a lot. To make getting the boat onto the trailer in the wind and surge a little easier, I purchased a remote control power winch. Now I need to modify the winch stand on the trailer. I
  2. f8f1

    f8f1 Coastside Member

    victim of the software -
    purchased a remote control power winch. Now I need to modify the winch stand on the trailer. I
  3. f8f1

    f8f1 Coastside Member

  4. f8f1

    f8f1 Coastside Member

  5. f8f1

    f8f1 Coastside Member

    never mind, give up
  6. Derby

    Derby Coastside Member

    I have a stand on my trailer tongue that was just welded on. It never gets dunked and has lasted forever.

    Sure makes getting in and out of boat easier solo. I dont use wench to load trailer. Power load to the stop and then winch to tighten down.

    Hope that helps in some way.
  7. ScratchPad

    ScratchPad FishWhore

    Pacific galvanizing in Oakland
  8. f8f1

    f8f1 Coastside Member

    I have most of the project figured out, except finding somewhere I can get an approximately 12" x 12" piece of steel galvanized.
    I'm in Sacramento area.
  9. trapper

    trapper Coastside Member

  10. f8f1

    f8f1 Coastside Member

    Thanks, I already contacted them. They would be happy to do a bridge or building for me. But a 12" x 12" piece of steel was a little small for them.
  11. fishhead

    fishhead Coastside Member


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  12. Bluegoat

    Bluegoat Coastside Member

    How thick a plate do you need ? You can probably buy a 12 x12 galvanized plate for less than the cost of galvanizing it. Google it
  13. Hoagie

    Hoagie Coastside Member

    what about stainless? by the time you hot dip you can build it out of stainless and save IMHO
  14. Filthy

    Filthy Coastside Member

    2nd that for stainless. Not that expensive for a 12x12 piece
  15. airNwater

    airNwater Coastside Member

    I’ve actually had good results with cold galvanize spray.

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